How To Grow A Youtube Channel: 10 Effective Growth Tips

Starting a Youtube channel can be an incredibly rewarding project, but growing a channel to where you want it to be can be difficult. There is a lot more to growing a Youtube channel than you’d think, and there are plenty of tools and ideas that can help stimulate the growth of your channel. In this Youtube Channel Growth Guide I will share everything you need to know on how to grow a Youtube channel.

Today I will be sharing 10 of my favorite ways to grow a Youtube channel. Every idea I share within this article is something I use, believe in, and practice. So I hope some of these ideas can resonate with you and help your Youtube channel grow and flourish!

By the end of this article you will have everything you need to grow your Youtube channel to new heights. Let’s jump on into this guide on How To Grow A Youtube Channel!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links where I earn commission from qualifying purchases. However, I will never recommend a product or service I don’t have 100% faith in. Enjoy!

Note: If you are brand new to Youtube or haven’t created a channel yet, I recommend you reading my Ultimate Guide To Youtube. In this article I guide you through the process of creating a Youtube channel from start-to-finish. You can find the guide by clicking here. Enjoy!


Youtube Growth Overview

Youtube Logo

There are a ton of ways to help grow a Youtube channel, and today I will be sharing 10 amazing ways to do so. Some of these ways revolve around a tool or service that can assist you with Youtube channel growth, and other techniques require the use of social media, Youtube communities, and raising brand awareness. 

First I will start off by discussing the tools you should be using for your Youtube channel (since I recommend having these tools from the get-go), and then we will move on to some tips that can get you noticed on the Youtube platform.

Each of these methods are useful on their own, so if one doesn’t sound appealing to you don’t fret. I can assure you that each of these techniques work though, but feel free to try a few at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed by implementing too many new practices at once.

With all of that out of the way, let’s jump into one of the most powerful skills for growing a Youtube channel. Search Engine Optimization!

#1 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing organic growth. By increasing SEO, you can get your videos shown to more people without spending any money on marketing or even by physically sharing it around (although definitely still do this!). 

The process of maximizing SEO involves using effective keywords, tags, and having a great title. Youtube is a search engine like Google. Youtube pushes high-quality content that answers search inquiries, sparks conversation, and gets good reception. 

Now that I have explained how SEO works and what it looks like on Youtube, let me share some tips to increase the SEO of your Youtube channel and videos.

The best ways to increase the SEO on Youtube videos are:

  •  Answer Search Inquiries With Videos
  • Use Captivating Thumbnails
  • Use Great Keywords
  • Use Three Hashtags
  • Have Video Lengths Over 10 Minutes
  • Name Your Video File Your Video Title
  • Use The Primary Keyword In The Title
  • Increase Watch Time
  • Create Quality Content
  • Implement Closed Captions
  • Use Video Chapters

I go more in-depth on exactly how you can implement these ideas in my Ultimate Guide To YouTube SEO. I highly recommend reading through the article if you want to know everything there is to know about SEO on YouTube.

#2 – Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an effective way to know what topics you should create content around, and how well you can expect to perform within such topics. With keyword research you can attempt to match search intent and create content that answers search inquiries. 

Why do this? Because you already know there is a demand for these answers, and you already know people are actively looking it up. By utilizing keyword research you are able to answer questions nobody has personally asked you, but you know people are asking somewhere. 

There are many reasons why this is important, and I will go over a few of them.

Keyword research is important for Youtube because:

  1. If a keyword is over saturated, your content won’t easily found
  2. If a keyword has no search inquiries, there is no demand for that topic
  3. Keyword research can increase SEO and help your videos rank on Youtube
  4. Naming videos is easier when you know what people are searching for specifically
  5. Search Engines like Google and Youtube prefer content that answers search inquiries
  6. Matching search intent is an easy way to secure clicks and sales, thus improving click-rate

Those were some direct ways that utilizing keyword research can help grow your channel, and this doesn’t even include the countless ways it indirectly helps your channels. More clicks means more views, more views means more subscribers, more subscribers means more consistent views, and so on and so on.

Now that we understand the importance of keyword research even on Youtube, let’s discuss the best way to conduct your own keyword research. 

#3 – Youtube Growth Tools

Youtube Subscribers

This next step is perfect because it ties into the previous keyword research section.

If you want to take your keyword research to the next level, Youtube Growth Tools are a powerful addition to your repertoire as a Youtube content creator. With Youtube Growth Tools you can know a video’s potential before you even post it! This can save you a ton of time, and help grow your channel to new heights.

Youtube Growth Tools can help your Youtube channel by:

  •  Conducting Keyword Research
  • Showing Search Volume
  • Suggesting Best Times To Post
  • Recommending Keyword Focused Titles
  • Creating Automatic Thumbnails
  • Supplying An SEO Checklist
  • Finding Keyword Appropriate Tags
  • And More!

For the purposes of this article, I want to spend some time discussing two of the best Youtube Growth Tools that I recommend to any and all Youtube creators. Beginner or pro it is never too late to get started.



TubeBuddy is one of the most popular Youtube Growth Tools and for good reason! TubeBuddy has an accessible and clean interface that makes Youtube content creation easy and convenient. The tool has everything you’ll need and more to improve your keyword research game, maximize SEO, and conveniently manage your Youtube channel.

TubeBuddy really does it all, and I am very impressed with all of its features. Speaking of TubeBuddy’s features, let’s break down everything TubeBuddy can do for you. 

TubeBuddy Features

  1. Keyword Explorer
  2. SEO Studio
  3. Title Suggestion And Tag Finder
  4. Thumbnail Generator
  5. Publishing Checklist
  6. Best Time To Publish Tool
  7. Video Topic Planner
  8. A/B Testing
  9. Sponsor Evaluation
  10. Brand Alerts
  11. Competition Comparisons
  12. Channel Health Reports

The above table is a list of some of the greatest features found within TubeBuddy. 

I highly recommend TubeBuddy for anyone who wants to up their keyword research game and optimize the growth of their channel. You can give TubeBuddy a try by clicking the link below.

In the near future, I will write up a full review and break down each and every feature TubeBuddy has to offer. In this review I will go into more depth on what each of these features entail and how they can help your channel grow. 

For now I will move onto another viable Youtube Growth Tool.



VidIQ is another great option when it comes to Youtube Growth Tools. I would recommend VidIQ for those that have a mind that loves numbers and analytics. Many users consider VidIQ to be the definitive Youtube Growth Tool when it comes to the statistics interface. 

Other than that, I would recommend Tubebuddy. I personally use TubeBuddy as I find the tool more charming, and I enjoy some of the bonus features such as A/B testing. However, everyone is different so take a look at the features of VidIQ and see for yourself!

This is a tough comparison as both tools are incredibly useful and you really can’t go wrong with either of them.

VidIQ Features

  1. Keyword Tools
  2. SEO Feedback
  3. Daily Ideas Through AI
  4. Thumbnail Generator
  5. Channel Optimization Checklist
  6. Productivity Tools
  7. Trend Alerts
  8. Real-Time Stats Bar
  9. Tags Suggestion
  10. Video View Velocity Comparisons
  11. Competition Comparisons
  12. Channel Audits

The above table is a list of some of the greatest features found within VidIQ. 

VidIQ is a fantastic alternative to TubeBuddy. As I mentioned previously, some prefer VidIQ over Tubebuddy, so I would recommend looking into VidIQ just incase it is more your style. You can try out VidIQ by utilizing the link below.

Like with TubeBuddy, In the near future, I will write up a full review and break down each and every feature VidIQ has to offer. In this review I will break down exactly what makes VidIQ different from TubeBuddy, and why some people may even prefer it.

I may even put TubeBuddy and VidIQ up against each other in a more in-depth comparison article. I hope to be able to further illuminate the differences between these great tools. 

Enough about Youtube Growth Tools for now, let’s jump into the next tip on growing a Youtube channel.

#4 – Email Lists

Keyword Research

 Email Lists may sound a bit old-school, but they are actually more effective than ever these days! Email marketing is still a powerful tool that can keep your viewers coming back time and time again.

Aside from the standard Youtube subscribe button, an email list is actually the best way to retain your leads. In fact some Youtubers express frustration with subscribers not being alerted off their new uploads! An email list can help alert even your subscribers of new content.

The main perk of an email list however is that you can contact your viewers regarding updates unrelated to Youtube. Say you release a new book, educational course, or even publish a blog post like this one! If yu have an email list that your viewers have subscribed too, you’ll be able to lead them directly to these new streams of content. This is just one example on how an email list can even benefit a Youtube channel.

Here are some examples of how an email list can benefit a Youtube channel:

  • Turn viewers into leads
  • Retain viewership for future releases
  • Allow advertisement for non-Youtube related projects
  • Notify fans of new uploads when Youtube fails to
  • Continue communications with fans outside of Youtube
  • Increase brand awareness
  • And more!

Email listing is not only still a powerful marketing tactic, it is surprisingly more effective than ever thans to the continued growth of the internet, email providers such as Gmail and Outlook, and the increases efficiency of email marketing tools.

Next up I will spend a little bit of time discussing one of my favorite email marketing tools that can get you get started with an impressive email marketing campaign.



Moosend is a great email marketing tool, and this is especially true to beginners. Why? Because Moosend’s price scales with your subscriber limit and the amount of emails you send out. So if you’re a smaller brand and are looking to get started on a lower budget, Moosend is a great match for you.

Moosend has great features for email marketing. These features include:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Transactional Emails
  • Sign-up and Subscription Forms
  • Landing Pages

#5 – Social Media

Social Media Logos

By now most people are aware of the power of social media. By creating social media accounts for your Youtube channel you can extend the reach of your channel to many other platforms, all while increasing your brand awareness. While your channel/brand should have a presence on all social media outlets, I will go over some of the most effective ones in more detail. First let’s discuss which social media accounts you should have.

To effectively market a Youtube channel on social media you should utilize the following social media sites:

  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  •  Facebook
  • Instagram

The Best Social Media For Youtubers

Youtubers and Youtube videos tend to thrive on specific social media sites more than others. I find that Youtubers have the most success spreading their content on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. These social media sites are very video friendly and if you can do Youtube you should have some luck on these sites. 

By sharing videos and video clips on these social media platforms you can reach a wider audience than ever before. It is often these social media platforms that are responsible for making a Youtube channel go viral.

In addition to re-posting your content, if you really want to maximize your social media growth, be sure to post original content well-tailored for that specific social media platform as well. Your social media presence can be as big or effective as you want it to be. 

#6 – Discord


While Discord is considered a social media application, I want to give it a dedicated section because it is a powerful tool that is under-utilized by Youtubers. 

What makes Discord so special is that you can create your own chatroom server for dedicated fans of your content. Discord is different from TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter because rather that being a place to post status updates and pictures, Discord functions as a free-form chatroom. 

Why Is Discord Useful For Youtubers?

By maintaining an active Discord server, you can keep fans engaged and conversating with each other. A well-designed and well-ran Discord chat is a perfect place to evolve your community.

On Discord you can even send your community members alerts when you post new content. This is great for you because Youtube loves to promote content that gets attention quickly after release. This can cause your content to perform well right-off-the-bat and get your video pushed within the algorithm. 

Many modern successful Youtubers have used Discord to massive amounts of success, but not enough content creators are talking about this phenomenon. I find this to be extremely beneficial, and I highly recommend jumping on the Discord band-wagon. Speaking of which… I should take my own advice and start a Discord group! I will update this article once I have my Discord server up and running.

#7 – Establishing A Community

Youtube Community

This next step is heavily related to the last two steps, but in this section I will go more in-depth on building a dedicated community for your Youtube channel.

Whether your community is full of Gregs, Little Stinkers, or Padildos, it is important to establish a true community surrounding your Youtube channel. This transcends social media, Discord, and even Youtube itself. By establishing a legitimate community your audience can feel closer than ever to you, your content, and fellow fans.

Youtube Communities Love To Support Content Creators

Many Youtube creators even create Patreon profiles and other places where the community can subscribe for premium content. This is a perfect place to post content that casual fans may not be interested in, but hardcore fans would appreciate. 

By establish a full-fledged community, your Youtube channel becomes more than just a group of videos. A Youtube channel can experience exponential growth once it breaks the boundaries of Youtube. Die-hard fans are way more likely to share content, especially when they feel connected to a larger community.

#8 – Collaborations

Youtube Collaborations

A great way to organically grow a Youtube channel is by engaging with other content creators and collaborating for videos. This is a great way to not only further grow your community, but also to gain new fans from another community. 

By collaborating with other creators, you can get yourself noticed by other communities and grow your Youtube channel by raising your overall presence on the platform. 

These collaborations are often two-way streets, which means the other creator will usually collaborate for a video for your channel as well. This will bring their community and their viewers directly to your channel as well to view the collaboration.

It can be intimidating to collaborate with other creators – especially early into a Youtube career – however I encourage you to put yourself out there and work to build up relations with other Youtubers within your niche!

#9 – Diversifying Your Content

Youtube Mobile

Another way to expand your audience and grow your Youtube channel is by diversifying your content. Now I don’t mean posting random content unrelated to your niche. By diversifying your content I mean branching out to new ideas and creating new categories of videos. 

For example: Say you post review of hard rock albums, perhaps you can branch out and start critiquing live performances. This would allow you to create a whole new style of video that can capture new viewers all while likely still entertaining your previous viewers. 
Additionally you can compile these two different video types into separate Youtube playlists. Video playlists are a great way to keep viewers watching, and this technique is also helpful for SEO.
So brainstorm, branch-out, and try new things! Remember to keep your primary audience in-mind when diversifying your content however, as you don’t want to lose subscribers. 

#10 – Expanding Your Brand


This last tip on how to grow a Youtube channel is the most indirect, but definitely important for the sake of your overall brand. If you want to grow your Youtube channel to superstar levels, I would advise that you expand your brand.

The most successful Youtubers often grow their channel and authority by gaining popularity in other sectors. 

For example: many Youtubers create podcasts, publish books (autobiographical, fictional, or educational), have mobile apps (games, companion apps, or social apps), create video content outside of Youtube (TV shows, documentaries, reality shows) and many even go on real-life tours.

By transcending into these other mediums of content you can gain a bigger following that in turn now views your Youtube channel too.

I saved this piece for last because by this point you would be an influencer or a celebrity first and a Youtuber second, but hey why not shoot for the stars? 

Final Thoughts


There you have it. That was 10 amazing ways to grow a Youtube channel. I highly recommend starting off slow and implementing these tips at an appropriate pace.

A great place to start would be to begin utilizing keyword research tools before creating content, increasing the SEO of your Youtube channel, and creating and growing your respective social media accounts. 

These are sure ways to maximize the effectiveness of your content creation all while organically building a brand surrounding your channel and content.

What did you think of these 10 tips on growing a Youtube channel? Do you have any tips to add? Please share your thoughts in the comments.