How To Do The Skyscraper Technique: Backlink Life Hacks

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to go over how to do The Skyscraper Technique to get backlinksThis is a great technique for gaining new backlinks all while rising above the competition within your respective niche.

Whether you are a new or old blogger, The Skyscraper Technique is a great way to build up your brand, get high-quality backlinks, rise in Google ranking, gain domain authority ranking, and overall increase the SEO of your website.

Let’s jump on in and discuss everything you need to know about The Skyscraper Technique, and breakdown how to make it happen.


Introduction To The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is all about quality. Specifically, it is all about having higher quality content than your competitors. This technique can take some time to pull off, but it may just be one of the most powerful methods for increasing domain authority and gaining backlinks.

This technique is so powerful because having a top-ranking post can greatly increase the opportunity for gaining backlinks. When people use search engines, they are likely to only click on posts that are on the front page (first 10 entries or so). It takes a lot to get ahead of the competition, but it can have huge benefits if you can pull it off.

Are you up for the task of out-doing your competition? Then let’s get into The Skyscraper Technique and break down everything you need to know about it. 

What Is The Skyscraper Technique?

The Skyscraper Technique Backlink

The Skyscraper Technique is the process of creating content specifically crafted to be the definitive piece related to a certain topic. Whether this be a guide or a review, the content will be designed to beat the current highest ranking post on Google.

Beating the top positioned post can be difficult, but it is absolutely never impossible. There is always some way to out-do the current definitive post related to a topic. This can be done in a few ways, and I will go into that shortly.

First let’s discuss why someone should try The Skyscraper Technique, as well as the benefits of pulling it off.

Why The Skyscraper Technique?


The Skyscraper Technique is one of the most powerful and effective ways to increase the domain authority of a website and gain a large amount of high-quality backlinks. It is even possible to weigh the benefits of The Skyscraper Technique by looking at the current performance of the content you want to out perform. 

This technique is effective at gaining backlinks because another website is much more likely to link the top result of a search inquiry than they are one of the lower performing posts. This makes sense, as the position of a post typically denotes quality.

Here is a list of benefits from The Skyscraper Technique:

Benefits Of The Skyscraper Technique
  • Overcome your competition and rise in Google ranking
  • Gain high quantity of backlinks
  • Increase domain authority
  • Be known as a leading figure in your niche
  • Increase the quality of your brand
  • Learn from high performing websites
  • Increase the organic growth of your website

The Skyscraper Technique can be difficult to pull off, but the benefits are outstanding. Creating the high-quality content needed to beat the competition is surely worth it if you can put in the time.

If you want to find success with The Skyscraper Technique, you’ll have to put out high quality content. Not just quality content however, but content that surpasses top ranking competing posts.

Next we will break down exactly how to effectively utilize The Skyscraper Technique. Additionally, I will go over some steps on how to beat the competition.

How To Do The Skyscraper Technique

How To Do The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique can be difficult to pull off, but it is always possible. This is true no matter how impressive the competition may seem.

This technique does however, require a lot of effort, but if you are up for the challenge it can be exactly what takes your website to the next level.

 So let’s discuss exactly how to do The Skyscraper Technique and beat the competition.

How To Do The Skyscraper Technique:

First you need to find the top ranking post for the topic of interest.

This can be done through a Keyword Research Tool like Semrush. Through Semrush you can use the Backlink Analytics Tool to look up the statistics of a competing website.

The Backlink Analytics Tool will reveal the amount of backlinks a competitor has, as well as a score that rates the domain authority of the site. This can give you some insight on how well your content might perform should you be able to overthrow the competitor in Google ranking.

Once you pin-point the top post for a topic, you’ll want to analyze the post to see how it can be improved upon. Here are a few ways to improve upon top ranking posts on Google.

How to improve upon top ranking posts:
  • Go in more detail
  • Correct inaccurate information
  • Have up-to-date content
  • Add supplementary resources
  • Include more graphics

There are always a few ways to improve upon even a seemingly perfect top ranking post. The Skyscraper Technique works well as long as you are up for the challenge and practice the above strategies for improving upon top ranking posts.

Now I will share some helpful tips for The Skyscraper Technique.

The Skyscraper Technique Tips

The Skyscraper Technique Tips
Here are some helpful tips for The Skyscraper Technique
  • Use Keyword Research Tools to analyze the competition
  • Thoroughly investigate top ranking posts and look for opportunities to improve upon them
  • Tailor your own posts to overcome the deficiencies of the current top ranking post
  • Reach out to websites that have linked to the previous top ranking post and offer the opportunity to link your improved post
  • Put in the time and effort required to earn the top ranking post
Now I want to spend some time answering frequently asked questions regarding The Skyscraper Technique.

The Skyscraper Technique FAQ

The Skyscraper Technique FAQ

How Do I Create Better Content Than The Competition?

While top-ranking content might look perfect sometimes, it is never impossible to create better content that surpasses it. To surpass high-ranking content go in more detail, post more up-to-date information, add additional resources, include more complementary graphics, and 

How Do I Spy On My Competition?

It is possible to spy on your competition with Semrush. Through Semrush you can use the Backlink Gap tool to find out what websites link to your competition but not to your website. This is a great way to further understand your niche by understanding your competition.

Semrush is the ultimate tool for getting backlinks for a website, so I highly recommend investing in it if you want to really up your backlinks game.

What Is A Backlink Analytic Tool?

Backlink Analytics tool can be used to investigate the backlinks your website or other websites receive. Simply type in a domain into the search bar on the Backlink Analytics tool. This tool can be useful for learning about your competition and pulling off The Skyscraper Technique.

How Do I Contact Websites Regarding My Content?

Nearly all websites will have a “Contact” section on their website. This is often found on the banner at the top of any website. Sometimes however this is located at the bottom of a page on the website. Once you locate and click on the contact page, you should be able to locate a source of contact to pitch your content to.

Should I Reach Out To The Same Website Again?

Featuring on the same website can be a great way to build a lasting relationship with another website. However, reoccurring backlinks weigh less than new backlinks from websites that have previously never linked to your website before. Keep this in mind when scoping out pages to replace their current links.

The Skyscraper Technique Resources

Here are some helpful resources for The Skyscraper Technique:


Semrush is an incredible powerful and useful tool for researching and investigating websites within your niche. This is one great strategy for pulling off The Skyscraper Technique.

Through Semrush you can conduct keyword searches and easily find what posts are top-ranking, and from there you can analyze the post for opportunities to out do it.

This is only scratching the surface of what Semrush can do. I will be devoting a whole article to Semrush and its features soon, so stay tuned if you want to know more!

How To Get Backlinks

If you are reading this article, I am willing to bet you are interested in getting backlinks to your website. Fortunately, there are over a dozen effective techniques for getting backlinks for a blog. 

Each one is helpful for gaining backlinks, and I recommend trying them all if you want to maximize the amount of backlinks you can get for your site.

Here is a list of additional techniques for gaining high-quality backlinks on a blog.

Other ways to get backlinks for a blog:

There are a ton of techniques for getting backlinks, and while each one is great on its own, I highly recommend incorporating each of these techniques into your backlink strategy.

Click on any of the highlighted backlink techniques in the list to be taken to a in-depth article on each topic. Check back in occasionally, as I will be adding to this list over time.

Now let’s go over some tips for getting backlinks.

Tips For Getting Backlinks

Here is a roundup of all the tips for gaining backlinks that will help your website rank on Google and increase in domain authority.

Tips & Tricks For Getting Backlinks:
  • Product high-quality content
  • Communicate with other websites within your niche
  • Participate in guest blogging on other websites
  • Use Keyword Research Tools like Semrush to research the competition
  • Use many techniques for gaining backlinks such as Broken Link Building, Resource Page Link Building, Backlink Gap Analysis, and more
  • Create superior content than the competition
  • Keep the information on your website up-to-date
There is a lot more that goes into getting backlinks. If you want to know more about how to get backlinks, I recommend you check out my full guide on how to get backlinks.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know on how to do The Skyscraper Technique to gain backlinks! I hope this guide was helpful, and I wish you the best of success. Don’t forget to check my website for other valuable backlink tips!

Please feel free to reach out to me or comment down below if you have any questions or need any additional guidance. Also feel free to share your own thoughts on image formats as well! I always appreciate an opportunity to learn more. See you next time!