How To Make Money On X: 10 Best Monetization Techniques For 2023

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to go over how to make money with X by monetizing an X account.

X (formally Twitter) has had some huge changes lately, with some of the best ones having to do with content monetization for users.

Twitter was never directly a very good monetization platform for content creators, but X seems to have some promising monetization options in store for creators.

Within this article I will go over all of the monetization options available on X, as well as some more indirect options for making money through the platform.

Let’s jump on in and go over everything you need to know on how to make money on X.


Introduction To Making Money On X


There are a lot of ways to monetize an X account, and none of them are mutually exclusive. You can combine any of these monetization methods into formulate a solid monetization plan for your X content.

The monetization strategy for your X account with vary based on the purpose of your account and the audience it has. While some monetization methods may work best for certain people, all of them are great options 

In this article I will share 10 monetization methods that work best on the X platform.

How To Monetize An X Account

There are several ways to monetize an X account, and today I will be sharing 10 of the best monetization methods for X that I know of.

I will breakdown all the useful methods and strategies that can help you make money with an X account and turn your content into a form of income.

Methods For Monetizing An X account:
  • Ad Revenue Sharing Program
  • Super Follow Subscriptions
  • Media Studio Monetization
  • Tips Feature
  • Ticketed Spaces
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Patreon Memberships
  • Ecommerce Shops
  • Selling Physical Products
Each of these monetization methods are viable options on their own, but I highly recommend experimenting with all of them to optimize the monetization of your X account.

With all of that out of the way, let’s jump into our list of methods for monetizing an X account. Let’s start off with one of the newest and most exciting monetization options on X.

#1 – Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Mr. Beast X Ad Revenue Sharing Program Payout

One of the newest and most passive forms of monetization on X is the Ad Revenue Sharing Program.

The Ad Revenue Sharing Program is a great monetization option available for eligible X Premium Subscribers that meet a certain criteria.

While becoming eligible to participate in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program can be a battle in itself (more on this soon), once eligible, it can be a great passive way to make money with your X content.

What Is The X Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

The Ad Revenue Sharing Program is a new monetization option where users are paid a portion of the ad revenue from organic impressions on posts.

Money for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program comes from the ad revenue gained by X when users are shown ads under a post. 

The program basically rewards you monetarily based on the impressions from when certain users are shown an ad under your post.

What Are The Requirements To Join The X Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

  1. Be subscribed to X Premium or Verified Organizations

  2. Have at least 5M organic impressions on your cumulative posts within the last 3 months.

  3. Have at least 500 followers

All three of the above criteria much be reached simultaneously to join the X Ad Revenue Sharing Program.
While this may sound like a big task, you’re going to want to grow your X account in order to effectively monetize it in general, as a lot of the value of the X account comes from its follower count.
Fortunately, I have a whole guide on how to grow an X account. In it I go over 10 growth techniques that can help you reach 5M organic impressions and reach over 500 followers. I hope this helps!

How Much Money Can You Make With The X Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

While social media was in a frenzy over creators and influencers like Mr. Beast sharing their enormous X Ad Revenue Share payout, these numbers are not an accurate depiction of what users can expect to make on X.

The typical payout will be much more modest, as these enormous payouts were not for one month of ad revenue share. This was a collective amount of ad revenue back pay from February 2023 to July 2023. 

Here on out, the amount of ad share revenue creators make will be a much more humble number for sure. However, this is still a fantastic monetization option, as most people post for free anyways and now you can make money by just posting on X.

Larger accounts will likely be able to make 1,000s to 10,000s a month just from the X Ad Revenue Share Program. This of course will be based on impressions and ad views by users from underneath the creators post.

#2 – Utilize The Subscriptions Feature

X Subscriptions Feature

Rebranded from Twitter’s subscription service “Super Follows”, X allows users to subscribe to creators in order to gain access to exclusive content and features.

The Subscription feature on X is another opportunity to monetize an X account by offering exclusive content to subscribers that pay a month subscription.

You’ll want to be sure that you are creating exclusive content that can entice X users to subscribe to you in the first place. By creating valuable exclusive content you can secure more subscribes and keep subscribers coming back each month.

What Are The Requirements To Enable Subscriptions On X?

  1. Be subscribed to Premium or Verified Organizations
  2. Have at least 500 followers
  3. Have activity on X within the past 30 days
  4. Be at least 18 years old

How To Enable Subscriptions on X

  1. Login to your X account
  2. Click on the “More” option on the side bar
  3. Select the “Subscriptions” option which is the second option underneath “Available Programs”
  4. Confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements for X subscriptions
  5. Click “Continue to application” at the bottom of the “eligibility requirements” page
  6. Fill out the application to enable subscriptions for your X account
  7. Set up subscription prices and tiers

What Exclusive Content Is Available For Subscribers?

  • Exclusive posts available only to subscribers
  • Notifications for exclusive posts
  • Subscribers-only Spaces 
  • Subscriber-only replies
  • A Subscriber Badge
  • Subscription Tweets tab

How Much Money Can You Make With X Subscriptions?

According to X website, X users charging $4.99 can expect to keep up to $3.39 per subscriber. This means that you’ll profit $3.39 a month per subscriber. 

X is a game of growth and payouts will differ drastically based on how well you can grow your X account. So if you can manage to get a few hundred subscribers, you can expect to get a decent amount of revenue a month from subscriptions alone.

Additionally, creators have the option to charge three different price ranges for their subscriptions:

  • $2.99
  • $4.99
  • $9.99

This allows creators to create tiers to their X Subscriptions and create different levels of affordability with different perks and rewards for subscribers.

If you want to maximize accessibility and profitability, I would be sure to set an optimal price range for your X Subscription, as well as provide appropriate value at that price level.

#3- Media Studio Monetization

X Media Studio

Image courtesy of X Business

Utilizing the X Media Studio platform is a great way to diversify your content and monetize your X account with media content

This media content can include images, gifs, videos, and even live streams. All of these forms of content are monetizable, so the Media Studio can become a great asset for monetizing an X account.

There are a couple of ways to monetize media content from the X Media Studio, and I will go over both of them in more depth in this portion of the post.

Amplify Publisher Program

With the new Amplify Publisher Program, creators can have pre-roll ads automatically added to live streams and video content.

 Users can select relevant tags and X will automatically line up pre-roll ads that will fit in with your content.


  • Subscribe to X Premium and have an account in good standing
  • Publish brand-safe content according to X Ad Safe Guidelines
  • Be an active X video publisher
  • Accept the Amplify Publisher Program Terms & Conditions
  • Account(s) cannot engage in illegitimate activity and must follow X’s spam rules and policies
  • Majority of published videos must be original and native to X
  • Create high-quality Premium content
  • Be based in a country or region where the Amplify Publisher Program is currently available


  1. Visit 

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Get Verified” underneath the “Access Media Studio” section
  3. Go to the home menu on a X Premium subscribed account
  4. Click on the Monetization tab.

  5. Click Account info to add account, payment and tax details.

  6. Eligible accounts will now have pre-roll ads added to their X Media Studio content

Amplify Sponsorships

There are also new Amplify Sponsorships where advertisers can pair with creators to create sponsored content or use content that fits with the theme of the content the creator is publishing.


  • Subscribe to X Premium
  • Publish brand-safe content according to the Safe For Ads content guidelines
  • Be an active X video publisher
  • Accept the Amplify Publisher Program Terms & Conditions


  1. Subscribe to X Premium
  2. Join X’s Amplify Publisher Program
  3. Develop a content package with X
  4. Get sponsors for your content

#4 – Enable The Tips Feature

X Tips Feature

Image courtesy of X Business

The Tips Feature is available for any X content creator, and it allows users to show their appreciation for their favorite creators by offering a tip to the creator.

While Tips will likely be a small portion of the monetization that any X account collects, it is a nice feel-good extra that can certainly help. 

Additionally, X lets creators keep 100% of all tips that they receive. This helps users feel like their tip really matters and truly goes to the creator they are tipping.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The Tips Feature On X?

The Tips Feature on X is fortunately available for all X users
There are no requirements outside of having an active X account and following the usual terms of X. All you have to do it set up the Tips Feature for your account and you’re set!

How To Set Up The Tips Feature On X

  1. Login to an X account
  2. Go to your profile from the home menu
  3. Click “Edit profile” at the top-right of your profile
  4. Scroll down to “Tips” at the bottom of the “Edit profile” menu
  5. Toggle “Allow tips” underneath the “Manage” options for Tips
  6. Click “I Agree” at the bottom of the page
  7. Add your payment accounts to your profile
  8. Done! Start collecting tips!

What Tipping Services Are Available On X?

  • Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
  • Bandcamp
  • Bitcoin address
  • Cash App
  • Ethereum address
  • Gofundme
  • Patreon
  • Venmo

How Much Money Can You Make With Tips On X?

The tips you receive on X will depend on the amount of followers you have, the quality of the relationship you have with your follows, the quality of the content you produce, and the frequency in which you are active on the platform.

Tipping is completely optional on X, so if you want more tips you’ll need to foster a great relationship with your followers in order to get more tips.

What Can You Do To Get More Tips On X?

  • Foster a great relationship with your followers
  • Produce high-quality content
  • Frequently engage with your followers on X
  • Post frequently and stay active
  • Bring awareness to the Tips Feature
  • Interact with tippers and show appreciation
  • Create live stream content to get active tips

#5 – Host Ticketed Spaces

X ticketed spaces

Ticketed Spaces are rumored to be returning to X in the near future. Due to the likelihood of this monetization feature returning to X, I thought it would be worth mentioning today.

Previously I mentioned that Subscriber exclusive live streams were a feature that creators can offer to their subscribers, but this is a different concept entirely.

You wouldn’t need to have a monthly subscription to a creator to attend Ticketed Spaces, as these are more like virtual live events.

Ticketed Spaces are an opportunity to share valuable live streamed content to people worldwide over X. Anyone can attend Ticketed Spaces as long as the event is public and they purchase a ticketed.

Ticketed Spaces Eligibility Requirements

While Ticketed Spaces on Twitter did have eligibility requirements, not much is known at this time if they will have the same requirements on X upon their return.

An Example of the eligibility requirements for Ticketed Spaces on Twitter include:

  • Having an account in good standing
  • Having over 1,000 followers
  • Have hosted at least 3 Twitter Spaces in the last month

I will be sure to update this information upon the announcement of the rumored new Ticketed Spaces feature for X.

How To Host Ticketed Spaces

There is not currently a way to host Ticketed Spaces on X, but there are rumors surrounding their return. I am sure that there will at least be a similar equivalent announced soon.

I will update this section with a step-by-step guide on how to host Ticketed Spaces once more information is available.

What Can You Offer Viewers With Ticketed Spaces?

Creators can host webinars, educational courses, personal discussions, interviews, concerts, debates, and more in Ticketed Spaces.

The potential for Ticketed Spaces and what you can do with them will depend on your experience and the type of content you create.

How Much Money Can You Make With Ticket Spaces?

Hosts can charge anywhere from $1 to $999 per ticket for Ticketed Spaces.

This means that depending on the value of your Ticketed Spaces, you could end up making a lot of money with them.

#6 – Sponsored Posts

Raising Brand Awareness

Sponsored posts are one of the classic ways of monetizing social media content. 

The idea behind sponsored posts is that a business or brand will sponsor influencers to post content related to one of their products, services, or just to raise awareness on the brand in general.

The deals behind sponsored posts will vary depending on the size of the account and the budget of the brand. Sponsored posts are a great way to monetize an X account.

What Are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored Posts are is a new monetization option where users are paid a portion of the ad revenue from organic impressions on posts.

What Are The Requirements For Sponsored Posts On X?

  1. Be subscribed to X Premium or Verified Organizations

  2. Have at least 5M organic impressions on your cumulative posts within the last 3 months.

  3. Have at least 500 followers

All three of the above criteria much be reached simultaneously to join the X Ad Revenue Sharing Program.
While this may sound like a big task, you’re going to want to grow your X account in order to effectively monetize it in general, as a lot of the value of the X account comes from its follower count.
Fortunately, I have a whole guide on how to grow an X account. In it I go over 10 growth techniques that can help you reach 5M organic impressions and reach over 500 followers. I hope this helps!

How Much Money Can You Make With Sponsored Posts On X?

The amount of money you can make with sponsored posts will depend on various factors such as the size of your following, the type of content you create, what niche your content falls under, and what businesses you are able to get as sponsors.

Smaller micro-influencers are known to be able to make anywhere from $100 to $1000 for a post, while macro-influences can make anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000 for a sponsored post. Large celebrities have make over $10,000 for a sponsored post.

As you can see, the price range for a sponsored post can vary drastically depending on the size of your following and the social status you have online. However, even a micro-influencer can expect to make some worthwhile money just for posting sponsored content on X.

#7 – Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the primary ways bloggers can earn income on their content, and this is no different for a mini-blogging platform like X.

This digital marketing strategy is a great way to earn commission on products you talk about in your posts. Affiliate Marketing works well on X because users 

 It is important to note that affiliate marketing is a long-term investment, and it can take some time to start seeing large amounts of revenue. However, if you put in the work you can create an incredible and flexible form of income from X.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of joining an affiliate program or affiliate network and referring users to purchase a product or service for a commission. 

The referrals are secured by utilizing an affiliate link that is supplied by the company upon approval into the affiliate program.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create an X account
  2. Join affiliate networks and affiliate programs
  3. Wait for acceptance to the program
  4. Go to the affiliate program dashboard
  5. Create a unique affiliate link
  6. Draft an X post discussing the product or service
  7. Utilize your affiliate links within the content
  8. Post your content

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work On X?

Affiliate marketing is primarily executed through posts containing links to products or services that the users wants to promote. 

When followers or viewers click on these affiliate links and makes a purchase, the poster earns a commission. These commissions are earned by converting a click into a sale.

Affiliate links can also be utilized within threads on posts and in response to questions or inquiries. Other users might want more information regarding the products or services mentioned in your posts.

You want to be sure that you don’t over use affiliate marketing or advertise products or services that are poor quality. By staying engaged and authentic, X affiliates can build trust with their audience and get more clicks on their affiliate links.

Tips For Affiliate Marketing On X

  • Post helpful guides and reviews related to products or services you are an affiliate for
  • Find affiliate programs with recurring commissions
  • Apply for several affiliate networks to diversify your portfolio
  • Create many forms of content to capture different clientele (memes, videos, threads, live streams, etc).
  • Optimize posts to increase passive page views and link clicks
  • Utilize affiliate links with high PPC
  • Create content that matches user intent

There are just some of the many tips and tricks for affiliate marketing on X. Stay tuned for my upcoming ultimate guide to affiliate marketing for more!

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing On X?

The revenue made by Affiliate Marketing is very variable. This can depend on multiple factors such as:

  • commission rates
  • conversion rates
  • click-through-rates
  • audience trust
  • account size

These are just some of the many factors that can increase the amount of money you can make with Affiliate Marketing on X.

#8 – Patreon Memberships

Will Ramos Patreon

Earlier in this post it was mentioned that Patreon can be linked to the Tips Feature on X, but now I will take some time to dive into Patreon in depth.

Patreon Memberships are a great way to supplement your income from X. This is a somewhat indirect way to monetize your X account outside of X itself.

It is common for creators and influencers with social media reach to use Patreon to further monetize their content outside of their usual uploads and posts.

Patreon can act as a hub for a creator to host behind-the-scenes content, personal virtual meet-and-greats, community chats, unreleased content, uncensored content and more.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to earn a monthly income by offering exclusive content and experiences to their subscribers.

Instead of creators getting a one-time payment for a product or service, patrons pledge a set amount, either monthly or per piece of content. 

These monthly payments are often tiered and subscribers can select from a range of options that unlock additional exclusive content. 

This community-based membership system fosters a community where creators can have a direct relationship with their most dedicated fans and receive steady income in return for exclusive content typically unreleased to the general public.

What Do Creators Offer On Patreon?

  • Exclusive Content
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content
  • Physical Merchandise
  • Direct Interactions
  • Early Access To New Content
  • Virtual Meet-And-Greets
  • Reviewing Subscriber Content
  • Q&A Sessions

How Much Money Can You Make With Patreon?

Like many forms of content monetization, the amount of money you can make will depend on the size of your following and the value of your content.

The more subscribers you can get on Patreon, the higher your monthly earnings will be. Additionally, creators can charge more for a subscription based on the quality or value of the content they will deliver to subscribers.

This means that creators can expect to make anywhere from $100 – $10,000 a month from Patreon. Once again though, this will vary drastically depending on how many subscribers you can achieve as well as the price of your subscriptions.

#9 – Ecommerce Ecommerce Store

Image courtesy of

Integrating an Ecommerce shop with an X account is a great way to make money with an X account. An Ecommerce shop can allow you to sell products and services online and directly to your X following.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get sales to an Ecommerce shop. By advertising your shop on X, you can secure more sales while also adding an additional way to monetize your X account.

If you don’t have an Ecommerce shop already, this can be a great way to expand your brand and gain additional revenue utilizing your X account as a promotional platform.

How Is X A Good Platform For Ecommerce?

  1. Real-Time Engagement: X is built for fast communication. Businesses can engage with potential customers in real-time, answer queries instantly, and jump on trending topics relevant to their niche.

  2. Audience Insights: X analytics provide in-depth insights into followers’ interests, active times, and engagement metrics, enabling better targeting.

  3. Promoted Tweets: For Ecommerce, paid promotion can amplify product reach, targeting specific demographics, interests, or geographic areas.

  4. Brand Voice Development: With its concise format, X forces brands to be sharp and consistent in messaging, helping in developing a strong brand voice.

  5. Hashtag Impressions: By utilizing hashtags, users that are looking for products related to what you offer can find your Ecommerce store through your X account.

  6.  Unique Audiences: Different social media platforms can host unique audiences that might not find your Ecommerce shop otherwise. An X account can help bring new traffic to your store.

What Can Creators Sell On X?

Virtually anything sold on Ecommerce platforms can be promoted on X, including:

  • Physical Products: Clothing, art, tech gadgets, jewelry, and more.

  • Digital Products: E-books, courses, digital art, software, etc.

  • Printables: Checklists, planners, calendars, notebooks, art work

  • Services: Consultations, webinars, freelance services, etc.

  • Exclusive Offers: Limited-time discounts or early bird offers, ideal for creating urgency.

How To Utilize An Ecommerce Store On X

  • Content Mix: Don’t just sell. Share valuable content like blog posts, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes looks to keep followers engaged.

  • Engage with Polls: Get insights directly from your audience about upcoming products, designs, or services.

  • Flash Sales & Promo Codes: Offer X-exclusive deals to incentivize your followers to shop and to keep following your account.

  • Collaborate: Partner with influencers or complementary brands for shout-outs or giveaways.

  • Use Pinned Posts: Highlight best-selling products or special promotions at the top of your profile.

  • Customer Service: Swiftly address customer concerns, provide product information, or resolve complaints, building trust with potential buyers.

How Much Money Can You Make With An Ecommerce Store On X?

The amount of money you can make with an Ecommerce store depends on the products you sell and the amount of followers your X account has. 

By extending your reach and utilize social media marketing, you can see a large return-on-investment with your online store.

How Do You Create An Ecommerce Store?

I will be writing a full-article on how to start an Ecommerce store online soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I highly recommend getting inspiration from She runs a wonderful, top-ranking, SEO optimized Ecommerce shop that is well-integrated with social media.

#10 – Sell Digital Products

What Is A VPN?

Lastly, you can use your X account to sell digital products. You don’t even need a full Ecommerce shop to sell digital products in general. It can’t hurt to have a digital product or two at your disposal.

Whether you create an smartphone app, digital printables, online courses, or anything else, you can always direct your X followers to your digital goods and services.

Digital Products You Can Sell On X

  • E-books and Guides

  • Online Courses

  • Digital Art

  • Software and Apps

  • Stock Photography

  • Music and Sound Packs

  • Printables

How To Sell Digital Products On X

  • Create Valuable Content

  • Utilize Supplementary Visuals

  • Create X Exclusive Limited-Time Deals

  • Engage with Your Audience

  • Collaborate with Influencers

  • Leverage X Ads

  • Pin Essential Tweets

  • Showcase Testimonials

  • Utilize X Threads

  • Host Q&A Sessions on X Spaces

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Digital Products On X?

There is really no limit to the amount of money you can make selling digital products on X. Successful creators could launch a successful app or digital product and make millions.

It is best to focus on the quality of your brand and slowly build up your relationship with your audience. Focus on developing your digital products and the money will come.

Related Content

The best way to make money on X is to grow your account, get more followers, and cultivate a loyal and trusting audience.

I recommend checking out my full guide on how to grow an X account if you want to maximize your potential to monetize your X account and make money on X.

Additionally, I plan to create more in-depth guides on many of the monetization techniques for X featured in this post. Be sure to stay tuned for more!

Closing Thoughts

Twitter is gone and X seems to be here to stay. Fortunately many of the great changes coming to X allow for creators to monetize their content better than ever.

Remember that it is important to use X as a social media platform. Be sure to diversify your content, as no one wants to follow an account that is always trying to make a buck.

Focus on delivering high-quality content and educational material and the rest will come. People like to buy from those they trust. So take the time to earn a loyal and trusting audience and you’ll find success with X.

I enjoy learning the most up-to-date information on anything I discuss, and I love being able to share it all on my blog. I hope this post on how to make money on X was beneficial for you.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding monetizing an X account, as I am always happy to discuss things further in the comments or through social media messages.

Take care and good luck making money on X!