How To Grow An X Account: Best Strategies And Tips For 2023

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to share everything you need to know on how to grow your X account. There have been a lot of changes going on at the social media platform previously known as Twitter, so it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest strategies. 

This will be your primary spot for everything you need to know about growing an X account. In this how to grow an X account guide I go over the latest and best tips for grow an X account and get new followers, how to measure the growth of an X account, and the type of content that thrives on X.

By the end of this article you will have everything you need along with all of the knowledge to grow an X account, Excited yet? Let’s jump in and go over everything you need to know on how to grow your X account.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links where I earn commission from qualifying purchases. However, I will never recommend a product or service I don’t have 100% faith in. Enjoy!


Introduction To Growing An X Account

X App

There are a lot of techniques for grow an X account, and I recommend utilizing all of them to maximize opportunities of growth for your X account.

The growth strategy for your X account should include plans to increase the amount of views, likes, reposts, and saves your content receives, as well as the amount of followers your X account has.

In this article I will share 10 growth techniques that I use to grow any X account and get more followers and engagement.

How To Grow An X Account

There are a ton of ways to grow an X account, and today I will be sharing 10 of the best growth techniques For X that I know.

I will breakdown all the useful techniques and tools that can help you grow your X account and take it to the next level.

Techniques For Growing An X Account:
  • Post frequently

  • Utilize hashtags

  • Engage in threads

  • Post valuable content

  • Utilize images in posts

  • Subscribe to X Premium

  • Reply to comments on your posts

  • Post long-form content

  • Cultivate a loyal following

  • Promote Your Content

Each of these techniques are useful on their own, but I highly recommend implementing all of them into your overall social media growth strategy.
By covering all grounds, you can maximize the growth of your X account and reach new users on a consistent basis.

With all of that out of the way, let’s jump into our list of techniques for growing an X account. Let’s start off with one of the first important methods for gaining traction on X.

#1 – Post Frequently

Post On X Frequently

If you want to gain traction and get more followers on X, you’re going to want to make sure you are posting frequently

When it comes to X, posting is a bit of a numbers game. This isn’t to say that content quality isn’t important, but X is THE app when it comes to maintaining a consistent posting schedule

Time moves fast on X, and if you aren’t posting often it is likely you won’t see much progress in increasing engagement and followers.

How Often Should You Post On X?

While it is ideal to post several times a day on X, it is even more important to make sure you are posting consistently. So be sure to post every day if you can.
The optimal amount of posts is 3-10 times a day. This number can fluctuate as needed, but it is more important to stay consistent and post at least a few times per day. I saw my biggest jumps in followers and engagement following days where I posted 10 or more posts.
Remember, you don’t need to actively be present on X to post. You can conveniently schedule posts on X. This can be a great strategy for posting as various hours throughout every day.
It is worth noting that it is important to engage back with those who engage with your content, so don’t go too wild with the pre-scheduled posting. Be sure to stay active and involved within the discourse you create on X. More on this concept soon!

#2 – Utilize Hashtags

Utilize Hashtags On X

Hashtags are an important part of X, and they can be used within your posts to extend their reach. 

Whether you are creating your own hashtag for your brand or event or contributing to trending discourse, hashtags are great for connecting posts together in an effective and easy way to use.

How Do Hashtags Expand The Reach Of Your Content On X?

Hashtags are especially useful for allowing users that do not currently follow you to find your content. 

When utilizing hashtags, other users that are interested in the topic surrounding said hashtag can find your content through the hashtag itself.

This can greatly increase the reach of your content and help with gaining new followers that are interested in the types of content surrounding the hashtag.

Hashtags help your content extend passed the boundaries of your follow list and reach new users that can now engage with your content and even follow you in return.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use In A Post On X?

While hashtags are an important part of the X ecosystem, it is best to keep hashtag usage at an optimal and efficient number.
According to this blog post on the official business Twitter (now X) website, the optimal amount of hashtags to use on a post is 2 hashtags
However, even using 1 hashtag can increase the reach and engage of a post, and it is perfectly fine to use 3 hashtags when appropriate and called for.
Is it essential to keep hashtag usage focused and minimal, as using too many hashtags can come off as spammy and cause your post to suffer.
So overall hashtags are important for increasing engagement and gaining new followers on X, but it is important to use them appropriate and efficiently.

#3 – Engage In Threads

Engage In Threads On X

Engaging in threads on X is easily one of the most underrated ways to increase engagement and gain followers.

Threads are one of the core components of mini-blogging sites such as X and the new appropriately named rival site, Threads.

Within threads are where you can find all of the conversations, opinions, and even memes from strangers all over the social media platform.

By engaging in these treads, your responses (and therefore your account) become noticed by anyone else participating or viewing the thread. This can naturally increase your impressions, engagements, and even followers.

Why Engage In X Threads?

  • Gain followers from unique users that might not find your content otherwise
  • Increase impressions and account visibility by contributing public content to threads
  • Organically communicate with users that can become loyal and active followers
  • Discover and learn how other users are participating in threads, and what the public consensus is on hot topics

There are countless reasons why engaging in X threads is a big part of any growth plan. Threads are a major component to the overall app, and I highly recommend participating in any threads that may be of interest to you.

How Do Thread Posts Perform Compared To Standalone Posts On X?

Across the board thread posts on X typically perform better than standalone posts. These posts typically see more comments, more likes, and of course more impressions than the standard post.

This is because if a thread is popular and performing well, most users will scroll down and check for other responses in the thread. This will naturally increase the impressions and engagement of any contributing content.

Typically, no post within the thread will perform better than the original post that started the thread (except for ratios of course), but contributing to the thread can be a great way to get in on the action.

How Do You Start A Tread On X?

If you want to start a thread on X that receives a ton of engagement, be sure to post thought-provoking and valuable content that warrants engagement and conversation.

To get an X thread started, it helps to have a “call-to-action” in the original post. In the example image above this section, I created a discussion thread focusing the popular new Sleep Token album, “Take Me Back To Eden“.

Due to the engaging nature of the post and the timely post that coaligned with the release of the album, the post ended up being a great way to gain engagement and followers for my media site

The discussion post was very successful and each of my individual responses also performed well, accounting to nearly 1.55 million impressions collectively.

While the post itself didn’t capture many new followers, nearly everyone I responded to in the thread followed me, totaling to over 220 new followers throughout the course of the thread. More on responding to users soon!

#4 – Post Valuable Content

Post Valuable Content On X

One of the most natural and organic ways to grow an X account is to post valuable content.

While it can be difficult to initially get some reach and engagement on your posts, there is nothing that performs well more consistently than valuable high-quality content.

Valuable content can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This can include useful advice, helpful resources, thought-provoking sentiments, visual guides or instructions, high-quality videos and much more.

The most important thing here is just to focus on the quality of the content and posting content that builds trust with other users and helps increase your reputation on the platform.

Why Does Valuable Content Matter On X? 

  • Valuable content typically sees higher engagement than standard posts
  • Users are more likely to trust and follow a user that posts useful and valuable content
  • Reposting is more common for valuable content, as it can reflect upon the user reposting
  • Valuable content can be evergreen and stand the test of time rather than topical posts
  • Threads are most likely to form under valuable content due to users asking questions and the conversation potential behind it
  • Valuable content can help build up your reputation on X and gain loyal and trusting followers

What Makes Content Valuable On X?

Content on X is often considered valuable if it is high-quality, educational, useful, and generally timeless.

Valuable content is the type of content users are likely to come back to and use as a resource.

This is exactly why valuable content is so engaging, as users are likely to save, share, and engage with this type of content.

What Type Of Content Is Valuable On X?

  • Useful advice
  • Helpful resources
  • Thought-provoking sentiments
  • Visual guides or instructions
  • High-quality videos
  • Expert opinions
  • Thorough analyses
  • Personal stories

When it comes down to it, most categories of content can be valuable as long as they are high-quality and well thought-out. This is where quality over quantity comes in. A healthy mix of both can do wonders for an X account.

How Does Valuable Content Perform Compared To Standard Content On X?

Valuable content isn’t guaranteed to perform better than standard content, however valuable content does generally perform better overall.

The success of your valuable content can come down to a number of factors.

This factors include the initial reach of the post, the audience that finds the post, the relevance of the content, the actual quality of the content rather than the perceived quality of it, and even the timing of the post.

Overall though, valuable content on X is more likely to receive engagement such as comments, reposting, and saves. So be sure to put in the work and craft content that is valuable and high-quality, as in turn your X account will be considered valuable as well.

#5 – Utilize Images In Your Posts

Utilize Images In Posts On X

One of the easiest ways to increase engagement and grow an X account is so utilize images within your posts.

This strategy may seem very simple, but just the addition of including images within your posts can drastically increase engagement.

This concept has been tried and tested by many (including myself), and when comparing two nearly identical posts (one with an image and one without), the post with the image does better nearly every time.

So if you want to maximize the reach of your posts, I highly recommend utilizing images within your X posts.

Why Do Posts With Images Perform Better On X?

  • Posts with images are more eye-catching than just texts posts
  • Images can reveal the content of the post quicker and easier than just text can
  • Users on X tend to prefer visual content more than just text posts
  • Images supplement the content of a post by adding more context
  • Brands can use images to catch the attention of those who know the brand
  • Adding images to posts can increase the quality and value of the post
  • Helpful posts such as guides and tutorials can benefit from complementary images
  • Images can add accessibility elements to your posts

How To Effectively Utilize Images On X

To effectively utilize images on X you will want to be sure that you post images in the most optimal sizing and format.

For post images the optimal size is 1600 px X 900 px. This size is perfect for displaying a high-quality and presentable image all while fitting within the image guidelines for X.

There are a lot of conflicting reports regarding the optimal image size, but I believe that 1600px x 900px is optimal for effective engagement, aesthetic,  and functionality.

Additionally, to effectively utilize images on X, you’ll want to ensure that your image is high-quality and relevant to the purpose of the Tweet. Random or spammy images do not do well on X.

What Type Of Images Perform Well On X?

  • Informational graphics
  • Brand related designs
  • Detailed guides
  • Text images
  • Screenshots
  • Memes

Really any relevant image can boost the reach and appeal of a post on X. I highly recommend incorporating images into your X posts.

#6 – Subscribe To X Premium

Subscribe To X Premium

An X Premium Subscription (previously Twitter Blue) can be a beneficial way to take your X career to the next level.

This will most definitely be the most controversial spot on this list, but I believe that there are many benefits to having an X Premium Subscription.

The premium X service has potential to become a major player in the game of content monetization. If the platform continues to see development and investments in favor of content creators, X Premium could easily pay for itself.

What Is X Premium?

X Premium (formally called Twitter Blue) is the new paid subscription service offered by X. Subscribing to X Premium is now the only way to have a verified account on X. This change was met with criticism and was surrounded by controversy.

However, X Premium does provide a lot of value and features that can help make X a profitable platform for content creators. These premium features are exactly why having an X Premium subscription can help grow an X account.

What Are The Features Of X Premium?

  • Edit post button
  • Limited ads 
  • Prioritized rankings in conversations and search

  • Longer posts
  • Bold and italicize post text

  • Bookmark folders
  • Custom navigation bar

  • Spaces tab

  • Top articles shortcut

  • Reader feature for threads

  • Undo post

  • Longer video uploads
  • Access to Media Studio
  • Premium themes
  • SMS two-factor authentication
  • and more

How Can X Premium Help With Growing An X Account?

Many of the X premium features listed above can directly benefit a creator on X and help with growing an X account.

The X Premium features that stand out the most to me include the prioritized ranking, longer posts, longer video uploads, access to the Media Studio, and the X verification in general. 

I am currently working on a case study where I will grow a new X account using X Premium, and I look forward to sharing my results once I conclude my research period. Stay tuned!

 #7 – Reply To Comments On Your Posts

Reply To Comments On X

One of the most effective ways to gain followers, especially loyal and engaged ones, is to reply to comments on your X posts.

This is one of the most organic ways to gain a loyal following on X and grow your account. All-in-all X is a site where people share their thoughts and partake in threads on interesting topics.

By engaging with everyone that comments on your content, you can make digital connections that can last a life time.

How Does Responding To Comments On X Help With Growing Your Account?

People follow other people on X in order to cultivate an environment that is both interesting to them and enjoyable.

If you have a positive interaction with someone that comments on your content, it is highly likely that they will follow you and engage with your content in the future.

Gaining a loyal and active following can snowball into getting early engagement for content consistently. This can help boost your content and get your content more impressions and engagement overall.

We will go over this concept more when we discuss cultivating a loyal following soon!

#8 – Post Long-Form Content

Post Long-Form Content

New to X is long-form content. Long-form content is only available to X Premium subscribers, so this is one of the main perks to having a X Premium subscription.

This new content option is perfect for creating high-quality content, developing a new outlet for your content, and contributing to a new area of X that could change the landscape of the platform.

How Can Posting Long-Form Content Help With Growing An X Account?

Posting long-form content can be a great way to showcase the value of your X profile. Long-form content is the best way to share educational and information content that shows off your expertise in any niche or field.

Lengthy content is also a great place for translating blog content onto X, which is perfect for repurposing your content onto the platform.

Using the longer post feature of X Premium is one of the best ways to offer premium content yourself on X. For monetization purposes you can require users to subscribe to you to access this premium content.

#9 – Cultivate A Loyal Following

Cultivate A Loyal Following On X

A recurring theme throughout this post is that having a loyal and engaged following is one of the most effective ways to grow an X account.

Having 1,000 loyal and active followers can mean more than even having 100,000 or even a million inactive followers. 

Engagement is the game when it comes to X, and by having a dedicating audience, you can see increased comments, retweets, quote tweets, and saves across your X content.

How Does Having A Loyal Following Help With Profile Growth On X?

  • Consistent engagement on content
  • Improved priority from the algorithm
  • Early attention to new content
  • Loyal followers are more likely to purchase services and merch
  • Increased comments, retweets, saves, and all other engagement

How Do You Cultivate A Loyal Following On X?

While there aren’t any tricks to cultivating a loyal following (you’ll want to be genuine to achieve this), there are several tips I would like to share that can help with the process.

  • Thoughtfully respond to all of the comments you receive
  • Provide value with your content
  • Engage in other users’ content
  • Participate in threads
  • Stay consistent with your posting schedule
  • Create interactive content
  • Livestream and vlog to followers

You might notice that many of these tips are all related to other X growth strategies listed within this article.

That is because these strategies can be very helpful with growing a loyal following on X. This is exactly how you can organically grow an X account and gain active and engaged followers that will stick around for the long run.

#10 – Promote Content

Promote Content With X Ads

The last technique for growing an X account that I am going to go over today is promoting your contentThis is the only technique on this list that isn’t an organic method of account growth. 

I prefer to stick to organic growth when it comes to social media, but I want to take some time to go over this because everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their growth strategies

Promoting content on X is especially useful for brands, especially those that sell products. 

Why Promote Content On X With Ads?

Every growth strategy is different, and these differences can be even greater between different types of accounts. As mentioned previously, promoting content can be especially beneficial for businesses and online stores.

When selling a product, it is common to have a marketing budget for ads and promotion. By promoting your content on X you can get your product in front of more people and gain more engagement towards your account in general.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from promoting content however, as some meme accounts even promote humorous content through Ads. This is also common for high-quality videos and other high-effort content.

How To Promote Content On X

  1. Login to your X account
  2. Click on the “More” option on the side bar
  3. Select the “Professional Tools” option at the bottom of the “More” menu
  4. Click on “Twitter Ads” from underneath the “Professional Tools” menu
    • Twitter Ads will likely be renamed to “X Ads” soon
  5. Click “Get Started” on the newly opened ads website
  6. Select your Country and Time zone from the drop down menu
  7. Click “Create your first keyword ad” beneath the previous options
  8. Select your objective from the following options: Reach, Engagements, Website traffic, Keywords. Then select “Next” from the bottom-right corner after picking your objective
  9. Add text and media for the promoted X post and then select “Next” at the bottom-right corner
  10. Customize the delivery of your promoted ad by selecting targeting features, a daily budget, and the date range for the promotion
  11. After customizing the delivery options, select “Launch Campaign” at the bottom-right
  12. Done! Your ad will start running once your account and promoted post is approved

This concludes this list of techniques on how to grow an X account.

How To Measure The Growth Of An X Account

How To Measure The Growth Of An X Account

Now that we know some of the best tips on how to grow an X account, you might be wondering how to check for if your account is growing or not.

Thankfully, X has useful built-in tools for analyzing your X account and its engagement and growth.

All you need to do it go to the “Analytics” section listing in the side bar on the browser version of X.

If you want to a more in-depth breakdown on how to use X analytics, I highly recommend looking out for my upcoming post specifically on that topic. Stay tuned!

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I have another guide all about how to make money On X. In this guide I go over 10 of the best methods for monetizing an X account. I hope you find this post helpful on your journey to X success!

Additionally, I aim to write up another post going over X Premium and all of its features. If this sounds interesting to you, then I highly recommend keeping an eye on this space and following up with me soon!

Closing Thoughts

Twitter is gone and X seems to be here to stay, and while there are many changes going on throughout the platform, it has been a great experience learning more about it and working to navigate these changes.

I enjoy learning the most up-to-date information on anything I talk about, and I love being able to share it all on my blog. I hope this post on how to grow an X account was beneficial for you.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding growing an X account, as I am always happy to discuss things further in the comments or through social media messages.

Take care and good luck growing your X account!