How To Do Resource Page Link Building: Backlink Life Hack

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to go over how to do Resource Page Link Building. This is a great technique for gaining new backlinks for your pre-existing content.

Whether you are a new or old blogger, this technique is a great way to build up your brand, get high-quality backlinks, rise in Google ranking, gain domain authority ranking, and overall increase the SEO of your website.

Let’s jump on in and discuss everything you need to know about Resource Page Link Building, and breakdown how to make it happen.


Introduction To Resource Page Link Building

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Resource Page Link Building is one way to get your articles linked on a website. For this backlink strategy you’ll be targeting a specific type of post or website. 

For this backlink strategy you’ll want to get placed on articles or websites that share resources. These websites compile lists of helpful resources, and their target demographic are people looking for resources on a given topic. Resource sharing websites are primarily educational in effort, so their backlinks are typically high-quality.

Now this is just one of the many factors involved in getting backlinks. In this article I will be discussing specifically how to do Resource Page Link Building. However, if you want to know everything about gaining backlinks, I highly recommend you check out my full guide to backlinks here.

Let’s discuss exactly why and how resource link building can get your website backlinks, and how to go about resource link building.

What Is Resource Page Link Building?

What Is Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page Link Building is the act of getting your content placed on curated lists of resources. These websites are typically highly reliable and receive a lot of traffic. This is because resource pages are primarily educational in nature.

Landing on these curated lists of resources is a great way to showcase the reliability and quality of your own content. Now to land on these pages, you’ll want to reach out and offer the resourceful posts from your website.

We will discuss how to do this shortly, but next let’s go over why you should consider trying out this technique and the benefits that result from it.

Why Resource Page Link Building?

Resource Page Link Building

There are a ton of benefits to Resource Page Link Building. It many not sound like much, but it can add high-quality backlinks to a website all while potentially leading to permanent passive pageviews.

This is a great way to gain a high-quality backlinks, and content found on a resource page is more likely to be used as a resource by other websites as well. Thus, snowballing and gaining even more backlinks.

The content showcased on a resource page will be seen by all of the visitors that page receives, acting as a passive source of page views. As long as you keep your content up-to-date and high-quality, you’re likely to remain on these pages for a very long time too!

Now let’s break down all the benefits of Resource Page Link Building.

Benefits Of Resource Page Link Building:
  • Landing on a resource page counts as a high-quality backlinks
  • Resource page viewers can be directed to your website
  • Links can act as a permanent source of passive page views
  • Can add to the reliability and validity of a website
  • Other websites can share your content linked from the resource page

Resource page link building is a criminally underrated tactic for gaining backlinks. It may even be one of the most effective way to grow the backlink catalog of a website.

I particularly find value in this technique due to the potential for the shared content to be shared from even more websites. This could snowball into some major backlinks and page views.

This is especially interesting because getting backlinks from more unique pages weigh more than landing on the same website multiple times.

Now, let’s move on to discussing how to do resource page link building.

How To Do Resource Page Link Building

How to do resource page link building

Resource page link building requires planning, research, and communication. While the benefits are often passive, the efforts of purposely building these connections and links is active and effortful. So let’s discuss exactly how to do resource page link building

How To Do Resource Page Link Building:

The first thing you’re going to want to do is plan for what type of resource lists you want to land your website on, and what articles will be appropriate for the list. This will differ from post-to-post, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Next, you’ll want to research what resource lists would be interested in your content, and whether or not your content is a good match for the site. This will require some manual searching, so get out there and discover some resource lists you’re interest in.

Now it is time to check that website for any resource lists. This can be done using the Backlink Analytics tool from Semrush.

Simply type in a domain into the search bar on the Backlink Analytics tool. From there you’ll type “resource” into the filter section. This will allow Semrush to pull up all resource pages from the domain of interest.

Then, you’ll want to reach out and offer your resources to the manager of the resource list. This is where great communication skills and professional behavior can come in handy.

Remember, you are offering a high-quality resource here. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity, and it is important to craft your inquiry around this.

Now I will share some helpful tips for resource page link building.

Resource Page Link Building Tips

research page link building tips
Here are some helpful tips for Resource Page Link Building:
  • Research which resource pages would be a great match for your content
  • Practice professional communication skills when inquiring about placement on resource pages
  • Create high-quality content worthy of being utilized as a helpful resource
  • Search your keywords and key terms on Google but with “resources” added
  • Use the Semrush Backlink Analytics tool to check for resource page backlinks 

Now I want to spend some time answering frequently asked questions regarding Resource Page Link Building.

Resource Page Link Building FAQ

resource page link building FAQ

How Do I Find Resource Pages?

There are two primary ways to find resource pages. First you can simply search for resource pages on Google by typing in any topic and adding “resources” to the search. The more effective method for finding resource pages is to search for them using the Backlink Analytics tool from Semrush.

To do this, you simply type in a domain into the search bar on the Backlink Analytics tool. From there you’ll type “resource” into the filter section. This will allow Semrush to pull up all resource pages from the domain of interest.

How Do I Contact Resource Pages?

Nearly all websites will have a “Contact” section on their website. This is often found on the banner at the top of any website. Sometimes however this is located at the bottom of a page on the website. Once you locate and click on the contact page, you should be able to locate a source of contact to pitch your resource to.

What Resource Pages Are Best For My Website?

This will vary from each website, as no niche follows the same trends. However, you can get inspiration for what resource pages are a match for your content by inspecting the competition. This can be done through Semrush. Through Semrush you can use the Backlink Gap tool to find out what websites link to your competition but not to your website. Then you will inquire about having your article placed on that resource page.

What Is A Backlink Analytic Tool?

Backlink Analytics tool can be used to investigate the backlinks your website or other websites receive. Simply type in a domain into the search bar on the Backlink Analytics tool. This tool is especially useful for finding another home for your content. You can type “resource” into the filter section to find resource pages on a website.

Should I Reach Out To The Same Resource Sharing Website Again?

Featuring on the same website can be a great way to build a lasting relationship with another website. However, reoccurring backlinks weigh less than new backlinks from websites that have previously never linked to your website before. Keep this in mind when scoping out resource pages.

Resource Page Link Building Resources


Here are some helpful resources for Resource Page Link Building:


Semrush is an incredible powerful and useful tool for researching and investigating websites within your niche. This is one great strategy for finding resource pages to land your content on. 

Through Semrush you can conduct keyword searches and easily find websites that will be a great fit for the content from your website.

This can quickly open up a ton opportunities to land on resource pages. You can even check a website resource pages by filtering for the keyword “resources”. This can help with finding out which websites post resource pages.

This is only scratching the surface of what Semrush can do. I will be devoting a whole article to Semrush and its features soon, so stay tuned if you want to know more!

other ways to get backlinks

If you are reading this article, I am willing to bet you are interested in getting backlinks to your website. Fortunately, there are over a dozen effective techniques for getting backlinks for a blog. 

Each one is helpful for gaining backlinks, and I recommend trying them all if you want to maximize the amount of backlinks you can get for your site.

Here is a list of additional techniques for gaining high-quality backlinks on a blog.

Other ways to get backlinks for a blog:

There are a ton of techniques for getting backlinks, and while each one is great on its own, I highly recommend incorporating each of these techniques into your backlink strategy.

Click on any of the highlighted backlink techniques in the list to be taken to a in-depth article on each topic. Check back in occasionally, as I will be adding to this list over time.

Now let’s go over some tips for getting backlinks.

Tips for getting backlinks

Here is a roundup of all the tips for gaining backlinks that will help your website rank on Google and increase in domain authority.

Tips & Tricks For Getting Backlinks:
  • Product high-quality content
  • Communicate with other websites within your niche
  • Participate in guest blogging on other websites
  • Use Keyword Research Tools like Semrush to research the competition
  • Use many techniques for gaining backlinks such as Broken Link Building, Backlink Gap Analysis, The Skyscraper Method, and more
  • Create superior content than the competition
  • Keep the information on your website up-to-date
There is a lot more that goes into getting backlinks. If you want to know more about how to get backlinks, I recommend you check out my full guide on how to get backlinks.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know on how to do Resource Page Link Building! I hope this guide was helpful, and I wish you the best of success. Don’t forget to check my website for other valuable backlink tips!

Please feel free to reach out to me or comment down below if you have any questions or need any additional guidance. Also feel free to share your own thoughts on image formats as well! I always appreciate an opportunity to learn more. See you next time!