How Many Blog Posts You Need For SEO And Organic Growth

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to discuss Content Foundation Building. In this post I will answer the question of how many blog posts you need to start ranking on Google. I will also go over how having a foundation of content can increase organic growth, and also discuss why this helps with SEO.

Additionally, I will share my tips on how to start Content Foundation Building and how it will help increase the organic growth of your website.

Let’s jump on in and discuss Content Foundation Building and how many blog you need to have on your website and breakdown how to get it done.


Content Foundation Building Overview

Content Foundation Building

Before we can discuss the Content Foundation Building, let’s take some time to discuss what exactly this term entails and why it matters. 

I find that it can help with motivation to know why it is important to build up a stockpile of content for your website if you fully understand the importance of it.

First let’s break down exactly why Content Foundation Building matters and then I will move on to how many posts you need to have in order to start ranking on Google.

Additionally, I have several tips to share that can help anyone work towards achieving building a content foundation in the first place. 

If you know all about Content Foundation Building and want to skip ahead to where I discuss how many blog posts you need to start ranking on Google, click here.

Now let’s jump on into what exactly Content Foundation Building is.

What Is Content Foundation Building

Content Foundation Building is the concept of having enough blog posts to be indexed, optimized for search engines, and improve your website’s ranking on Google.

This concept is how we can answer the question of how many posts you need to find success with a blog, as the goal with Content Foundation Building is to reach the amount of posts optimal for SEO.

The process of Content Foundation Building can be done before even launching a website. Alternatively,  content can be built up in an consistent manner after launching a website by having optimal blogging frequency.

Why Do Content Foundation Building?

The goal of building a content foundation is to provide a robust library of high-quality, relevant content on your website that satisfies the search intent of your target audience and meets best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).


Why Does Content Foundation Building Matter?

Content Foundation Building matters because having more content on a website can help improve your website’s visibility in search results. Additionally, a solid content foundation can help establish your website as a trusted and authoritative source of information within your niche.

Benefits Of Content Foundation Building

There are several benefits to Content Foundation Building. As mentioned in the last section, this can help your content appear and rank on search engines.

However, there are plenty of more benefits that come with Content Foundation Building. Here is a list of some of the many benefits of achieving a sufficient amount of content on your website.

Benefits Of Content Foundation Building:

  1. Establishing Authority: Having a substantial number of high-quality blog posts on your website can help to demonstrate your expertise in your niche. This can help establish your website as a trusted resource for information.

  2. Wider Keyword Coverage: With a larger number of blog posts, you can cover a wider range of keywords and topics related to your niche. This can increase the chance of your website appearing in search results for a variety of relevant queries.

  3. Improving User Experience: Having a robust library of content on your website can help improve the user experience by providing more options for exploration and discovery. This can lead to increased engagement and potentially longer average session durations. All of these are factors that search engines take into consideration when ranking websites.

  4. Building Backlinks: As you publish more content, you increase the opportunities for other websites to link to your content. This can help improve your website’s authority and visibility in search engines.

  5. Increased Indexing Opportunities: By having more content on your website, you allow for more opportunities for search engines to index your content and website through the use of internal links and external links.

To sum it all up, Content Foundation Building is great for building a following, SEO, Google ranking, increased organic traffic, brand credibility, and increased opportunities for indexing by search engines.

Now let’s take some time to go over how Content Foundation Building can help with SEO in more detail.

How Does Content Foundation Building Help With SEO?

Blog Growth

Content Foundation Building is useful for SEO as it sets up a website for success by helping with a bunch of factors that can help with the SEO of a website. However, it is worth noting that just having a ton of content it is not one of the most crucial factors involved with SEO.

Having high-quality content is a major factor in what posts or websites search engines prioritize. So it isn’t all about the quantity of posts on a website, but also the quality of the posts being posted.

So keep in mind that it is more important to focus on creating well-written, relevant, and valuable content that provides value to your readers, not just how much content is on the website.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s go over how Content Foundation Building can help with SEO.

How Content Foundation Building helps with SEO:

  1.  Improving search engine ranking: By consistently publishing high-quality, relevant content, you can attract organic traffic from search engines, which can improve your website’s ranking for many relevant keywords. This can increase visibility and drive more traffic to your site.
  2. Building authority: Consistently publishing high-quality content can help establish your website as an authority in your industry. This can increase trust from your audience and search engines, leading to improved search engine ranking and increased traffic.
  3. Keyword optimization: When building your content foundation, it’s important to conduct keyword research and optimize your content for relevant keywords. This can help increase the visibility of your content on search engines, driving more traffic to your site.
  4. Internal linking: By linking to other relevant pages on your website within your blog posts, you can help search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your site. This can improve search engine ranking and increase the visibility of your content.
  5. Backlinks: Backlinks from other high-quality websites to your blog can indicate to search engines that your content is valuable and relevant. By consistently publishing high-quality content, you can attract natural high-quality backlinks. This can improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility.
  6. Engagement metrics: High-quality content can increase engagement metrics such as time on site, pages per session, and return visits. These metrics can signal to search engines that your site is providing a valuable user experience, leading to improved search engine ranking.

Content Foundation Building And SEO Summary

In summary, while the quantity of blog posts on a website is not the most important factor for SEO, it can contribute to improved search engine rankings by keeping your website active, providing more opportunities for keyword optimization, and encouraging engagement and backlinks.

Now that we have gone over all the preliminary information regarding Content Foundation Building, let’s discuss how many blog posts you need to reach the optimal amount of posts to start ranking on Google.

How Many Posts Do You Need To Start Ranking On Google?

Blog posts

While the number of blog posts required for attracting organic traffic can vary greatly depending on the niche, competition, and other factors, there is a general range of total published posts where websites will start to see an increase in organic traffic and Google ranking

Having 30-50 high-quality blog posts is a great starting point for building a robust content foundation for a website, and ideally you will start seeing significant organic traffic and growth at this point.

Having a sufficient number of blog posts shows search engines that your blog is active and provides value, increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic.

Take A Quality-Over-Quantity Approach To Content Foundation Building

However, it’s also important to remember that quality is more important than quantity. Focusing on producing high-quality, well-researched, and valuable content that matches search intent will increase the chances of attracting organic traffic, even if you have a smaller number of posts.

Ultimately, while having a larger number of blog posts can increase the chances of your website appearing in search results, quality should always be prioritized over quantity.

The goal should be to consistently produce high-quality content that provides value to your audience, and the number of blog posts required for attracting organic traffic will vary depending on your specific situation. However, having 30-50 blog posts on your website is a great start to any content foundation.

How To Do Content Foundation Building

Content Foundation Building

We have discussed a lot about Content Foundation Building in this post, now it is about time we move on and discuss how to do Content Foundation Building.

How To Do Content Foundation Building:

Here are some tips for content foundation building and getting to 30-50 posts on a website:

  1. Set a goal: Decide on a realistic timeline for reaching 30-50 posts and try to hold yourself to it.

  2. Plan ahead: Create a content calendar to plan and schedule your content in advance. It can help to use a planner and other useful tools for staying organized.

  3. Stay motivated: The first few months of blogging can seem difficult and undesirable, it can be difficult to continue doing a task that seems to be yielding no results. Do you best to stay motivated and dedicated to your website.

  4. Be consistent: Consistency is the best way to quickly grow a backlog of high-quality content. Aim to publish two posts a week and your content foundation will be built in an efficient and low-stress manner (See blogging frequency).

There is a lot more that goes into Content Foundation Building as a whole, but when it comes to reaching how many posts you need, this is all you have to do. you’ll be on your way to building a strong content foundation and reaching 30-50 posts on your website.

Content Foundation Building Tips & Tricks

Blogging and Keywords

Here is a roundup of all the Content Foundation Building tips that will have help you reach that goal of 30-50 published posts.

Blogging Frequency Tips & Tricks:

  • Stay consistent with your blogging frequency to grow towards 30-50 published posts
  • Set aside specific days for blogging and posting
  • Use digital or physical planners to organize your content ideas
  • Collaborate and bring in guest writers to help you get to your posting goal
  • Focus on producing high-quality content as all 30-50 posts must have value
  • Avoid burnout! Don’t rush to 30-50 posts
  • Focus on writing posts with long-term value rather than topical posts that won’t add well
  • Competitive niches might require more posts to start ranking on Google
  • Don’t get discouraged along the way, it can be tough to post before the organic views kick in
  • Use Keyword Research Tools to get ideas on what to post in your niche

When starting from scratch, Content Foundation Building can be intimidating at first, but once you start making progress towards your goal, the fruits of your labor will start to show. 

If you enjoyed these Content Foundation Building tips and want to know everything else there is to know about blogging, I recommend you check out my Ultimate Guide to Blogging.

Content Foundation Building FAQ


Why Do You Need 30-50 Blog Posts?

When a blog has a sufficient amount of published posts (30-50 posts) organic traffic starts to increase to your blog. This is because more blog posts allow for more opportunities for search engines like Google to index your website. In return, this makes it possible for your content to show up in response to search inquiries.

How Does Having More Published Posts Help With SEO?

Search engines favor websites that have more content and a substantial amount of internal links and external links. Having more published posts also provides more opportunities for keyword optimization, as this allows for more opportunities to include relevant keywords in your content. Additionally, by having more content there are more opportunities to get engagement and backlinks to your content. This is another important signals to search engines.

Do Guest Posts Count Towards Content Foundation Building?

Yes! In fact, guest blogging is a fantastic way to not only build up more content for Content Foundation Building, but it is also one of the best ways to gain backlinks and get more involved within the blogging community within your respective niche or adjacent niches. If you want to learn more about guest blogging click here.

Why Do Blog Posts Need To Be High-Quality?

Producing high-quality content is important for Content Foundation Building as high-quality posts help improve the user experience, search engine ranking, domain authority, traffic, and lead generation. It is important to focus on the quality of the content you are creating as you build your content foundation, as by making high-quality content a priority, you can make a great early impression for your website.

How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

Posting two times a week is a great way to build up a back catalog of content on your website. Consistency is key to blogging frequency however so you’ll want to have a solid blogging schedule. Consistently posting on a blog keeps it active, up-to-date, and frequently indexed, which all contribute to search engine ranking and in turn increased organic growth. If you want to know more about blogging frequency click here.

Why Is It Important To Have Timeless Content?

When building a content foundation, it is likely that your content won’t rank well at all until you have a sufficient amount of blog posts. This means that the first several dozen of your posts will likely perform very poorly if trying to report on something topical and timely. By building up a backlog of timeless content, all of your posts will have the opportunity to rise in the rankings are your content foundation develops and grows and the ranking of your site increases.

Other Ways To Increase SEO

Keyword Research

If you are interested in Content Foundation Building, you might be interested in learning about some of the other many ways to increase SEO and search engine ranking for a blog!

Here is a roundup some of the best ways to boost SEO that can help increase the organic growth your blog and take it to the next level. 

Other Ways To Increase SEO For A Blog:
  • Maintain high site health
  • Match search intent
  • Submit a site map to search engines
  • Increase average page view duration
  • Optimize Web Images
  • and much more!
Honestly, I could write a whole book on just SEO for blogs. I will be creating an ultimate guide to blogging SEO in the very near future, so stay tuned if you want to learn more about all of these techniques for increasing SEO.
However, in the meantime you can utilize any of the highlighted key terms to be taken to an individual article related to one of these SEO techniques.
Now I want to share some SEO tips that you can utilize right off the bat.

SEO Tips & Tricks

If you are interested in Content Foundation Building to increase organic growth, you might be interested in some additional SEO tips!

Here is a roundup of all the SEO tips & tricks that can help grow your blog and take it to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  • Utilize Semrush to conduct Keyword Research
  • Use a WordPress theme built for high PageSpeed
  • Try guest blogging to get backlinks to your website
  •  Self-Host your website to ensure your site is ran on a fast server
  •  Build your posts to match search intent of search engine users
There are a lot of factors that go into SEO, but once you have it down it becomes a natural part of content creation.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about Content Foundation Building and how many blog posts you need to rank on Google! I hope this guide was helpful, and I wish you the best of success your blogging career.

Please feel free to reach out to me or comment down below if you have any questions or need any additional guidance. Also feel free to share your own Content Foundation Building tips as well! I always appreciate an opportunity to learn more. See you next time!