How To Do Broken Link Building: Backlink Life Hack

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to go over how to do Broken Link BuildingThis is a great technique for gaining new backlinks all while contributing to the betterment of the web browsing experience.

Whether you are a new or old blogger, Broken Link Building is a great way to build up your brand, get high-quality backlinks, rise in Google ranking, gain domain authority ranking, and overall increase the SEO of your website.

 Let’s jump on in and discuss everything you need to know about Broken Link Building, and breakdown how to make it happen.


Introduction To Broken Link Building

broken link building

Broken Link Building is one way to get your articles linked on a website. For this backlink strategy you’ll be targeting websites that have broken links within their posts. This technique is a great way to get backlinks all while helping the overall infrastructure of the web. 

Broken Link Building is a mutual beneficial way to build backlinks, as this tip involves replacing the broken links on other websites by replacing them with links from your own website. Most other websites will be more than willing to link to your site, because they want their website to be void of broken links.

Now this is just one of the many factors involved in getting backlinks. In this article I will be discussing specifically how to do Broken Link Building. However, if you want to know everything about gaining backlinks, I highly recommend you check out my full guide to backlinks here.

Let’s discuss exactly why and how Broken Link Building can get your website backlinks, and how to go about it.

What Is Broken Link Building?

what is broken link building?

Broken Link Building is the process of replacing broken links on a website with functional links from your own website. Broken links are any link that redirect to a 404 error page. 

These broken links are common on nearly every website, as it can be difficult to update all pages regularly enough to prevent broken links.

This can be used to your advantage however, as you can offer your content as a replacement. More on this soon!

Why Broken Link Building?

why broken link building?

Broken Link Building is a great way to gain backlinks because it doesn’t require much work if you already have the appropriate replacement content. 

Additionally, it is an easy method because most websites will gladly accept utilizing your link on their website, as no one wants their website full of broken links.

This is a mutually beneficial way to gain backlinks, all while contributing to the overall betterment of the web browsing experience. So pat yourself on the back!

Now let’s compile all the benefits of Broken Link Building.

Benefits Of Broken Link Building:
  • Most websites will happily accept your link
  • There is no limit to the amount of links you fix with your links
  • New visitors can be directed to your website
  • Fixed links can act as a permanent source of passive page views
  • Broken link building is a mutually benefiting practice
  • The website may use more of your posts to fix other links across their website
  • Other websites can share your content if they have similar broken links

Broken Link Building is a helpful way to build up the backlink catalog of your website, all while contributing to the betterment of the web browsing experience.

This method is a great because it truly has no limit. Every single page or post on your website could qualify as a fix for broken links across the web. 

This is especially helpful because as mentioned previously, backlinks from more unique pages weigh more than landing on the same website multiple times.

This is why it it can be extremely useful to use your content to fix broken links from a ton of websites. So get out there and find some broken links!

Now, let’s move on and break down how to do Broken Link Building.

How To Do Broken Link Building

how to do broken link building

Broken Link Building is all about fixing broken links on other websites by replacing them with links to your own content. But how do we find broken links to begin with? Let’s discuss exactly how to find broken links and how to do Broken Link Building

How To Find Broken Links:

To find broken links you’ll first need to get a tool that can analyze a web page for broken links. This can be done using either a chrome extension like Check My Links , or a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Semrush

Check My Links is a free chrome extension, so this is an easy method for finding broken links. I highly recommend giving this method a shot if you don’t want to invest in a paid tool.

However, if you want to take your keyword research to the next level, I recommend getting a keyword research tool. I will go into more detail on keyword research tools in a future article, so stay tuned! For now I will continue on with the chrome extension method for finding broken links.

So now that you have the Check My Links chrome extension, you can get started with finding broken links. Simply go to any web page and click on the Click My Link icon in the top right corner to check for broken links. 

Check My Links will then pop up a report containing the information for all links on the page. This includes details on all of the broken links on the web page.

Now that we know how to find broken links, let’s break down the process of Broken Link Building.

How To Do Broken Link Building:

First you’ll want to find broken links on a web page that your content can act as a fix for. Broken links don’t do you any good if your content can’t be linked to replace the broken link

Next you’ll want to check the web page for broken links (through Check My Links or a Keyword Research Tool). Investigate the report and see if there are any broken links that can work well with your content.

After finding some broken links, it is time to reach out to the writer or owner of the website and inquire about replacing their broken link with a functional link to your content.

Be kind and courteous when reaching out to another website. People are more inclined to work with you if they feel like you aren’t insulting their website. After kindly referring to the broken link, offer your help by suggesting that they replace their broken link with a similar post from your website.

When it comes to Broken Link Building, everyone wins! You get a backlink, and the person on the other end gets a thorough web page.

Congratulations! You just scored a backlink! Now I will share some helpful tips for Broken Link Building.

Broken Link Building Tips

broken link building tips
Here are some helpful Tips For Broken Link Building:
  • Look for websites within your niche that have broken links
  • Be polite and courteous when reaching out to other websites
  • Ensure that your content appropriate fills in the broken link
  • Use Keyword Research Tools to efficiently find pages with broken links
  • There are free tools like Check My Links that can help with finding broken links

Now I want to spend some time answering frequently asked questions regarding Broken Link Building.

Broken Link Building FAQ

broken link building FAQ

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions on Broken Link Building.

How Do I Find Broken Links?

There are two primary ways to find broken links on a web page. First you can use Semrush to inspect a website or web page for broken links.

The alternative free method is to use Check My Links. This is a free Google Chrome extension that adds a tool bar that allows you to analyze a web page for broken links.

Semrush is the ultimate tool for getting backlinks for a website, so I highly recommend investing in it if you want to really up your backlinks game. However, if you are just dabbling with Broken Link Building, feel free to use Check My Links.

How Do I Contact Websites Regarding Broken Links?

Nearly all websites will have a “Contact” section on their website. This is often found on the banner at the top of any website. Sometimes however this is located at the bottom of a page on the website. Once you locate and click on the contact page, you should be able to locate a source of contact to pitch your fixed link to.

What Broken Links Are Good For My Website?

This will vary from each website, as no niche follows the same trends. However, you can get inspiration for what pages are a match for your content by inspecting the competition. This can be done through Semrush. Through Semrush you can use the Backlink Gap tool to find out what websites link to your competition but not to your website. Then you can inspect that website for any web pages that contain broken links.

What Is A Backlink Analytic Tool?

Backlink Analytics tool can be used to investigate the backlinks your website or other websites receive. Simply type in a domain into the search bar on the Backlink Analytics tool. This tool is especially useful for finding another home for your content.

Should I Reach Out To The Same Website Again?

Featuring on the same website can be a great way to build a lasting relationship with another website. However, reoccurring backlinks weigh less than new backlinks from websites that have previously never linked to your website before. Keep this in mind when scoping out pages with broken links.

Broken Link Building Resources

Here are some helpful resources for Broken Link Building:


Semrush is an incredible powerful and useful tool for researching and investigating websites within your niche. This is one great strategy for finding broken links to replace your content with. 

Through Semrush you can conduct keyword searches and easily find websites that will be a great fit for the content from your website.

This is only scratching the surface of what Semrush can do. I will be devoting a whole article to Semrush and its features soon, so stay tuned if you want to know more!

Check My Links

Check My Links is a free Chrome extension that allows you to check a web page for broken links.
Using Check My Links is easy. Simply go to any web page and click on the Click My Link icon in the top right corner to check a web page for broken links.
A report will then pop up containing the information for all links on the page. This includes details on all of the broken links on the web page.
While Semrush is a more cohesive and powerful tool with multiple purposes, Check My Links is a great alternative if you just want to inspect a web page for broken links without cost. 
ways to get backlinks

If you are reading this article, I am willing to bet you are interested in getting backlinks to your website. Fortunately, there are over a dozen effective techniques for getting backlinks for a blog. 

Each one is helpful for gaining backlinks, and I recommend trying them all if you want to maximize the amount of backlinks you can get for your site.

Here is a list of additional techniques for gaining high-quality backlinks on a blog.

Other ways to get backlinks for a blog:

There are a ton of techniques for getting backlinks, and while each one is great on its own, I highly recommend incorporating each of these techniques into your backlink strategy.

Click on any of the highlighted backlink techniques in the list to be taken to a in-depth article on each topic. Check back in occasionally, as I will be adding to this list over time.

Now let’s go over some tips for getting backlinks.

Tips for getting backlinks

Here is a roundup of all the tips for gaining backlinks that will help your website rank on Google and increase in domain authority.

Tips & Tricks For Getting Backlinks:
  • Product high-quality content
  • Communicate with other websites within your niche
  • Participate in guest blogging on other websites
  • Use Keyword Research Tools like Semrush to research the competition
  • Use many techniques for gaining backlinks such as Resource Page Link Building, Backlink Gap Analysis, The Skyscraper Method, and more
  • Create superior content than the competition
  • Keep the information on your website up-to-date
There is a lot more that goes into getting backlinks. If you want to know more about how to get backlinks, I recommend you check out my full guide on how to get backlinks.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know on how to do Broken Link Building! I hope this guide was helpful, and I wish you the best of success. Don’t forget to check my website for other valuable backlink tips!

Please feel free to reach out to me or comment down below if you have any questions or need any additional guidance. Also feel free to share your own thoughts on image formats as well! I always appreciate an opportunity to learn more. See you next time!