How To Get Bluehost: Everything You Need To Know

Hello everyone! Wayne here and today I want to go over how to get Bluehost as a web host provider. If you want a web host with fast servers and self-hosting capabilities, you’ve come to the right place.

Self-hosting a blog allows you to retain full ownership of your blog, despite running your website through third-party servers. These servers are typically faster and more efficient than free web hosting options.

Let’s jump on in and discuss everything you need to know on how to get Bluehost.


Introduction to Bluehost

When it comes to selecting a WebHost provider, I like to recommend BlueHost. I have been using BlueHost ever since I created my very first (professional) website.

Through BlueHost I have been able to create several fast websites with little-to-no issues. I am also glad to say that the very few times an issue arose (typically from user-error), BlueHost customer support was incredibly helpful -and timely – in fixing these issues for me.

Due to their fantastic customer support and reliable web servers, I am loyal to BlueHost and would highly recommend their services to all my friends and readers (my readers ARE my friends by the way).

Enough of my personal review however, let’s go over some of the features that come with a BlueHost subscription.

What Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is the most popular web host on the market, and for good reason. For those who don’t know, a web host is a service provider that runs and manages the server that hosts websites. This is typically a third-party company that has fast and reliable servers at their disposal.

Why Use Bluehost?

Without a web host, most people wouldn’t be able to have a website at all. It is very uncommon to have your own running servers at home, and that is exactly where a web host has you covered. A web host like Bluehost allows you to own a website and run it on their servers. This is also why you want to self-host your website.

Additionally, Bluehost allows you to self-host a website, which is important for any professional website. This is especially true for websites that plan on becoming monetized. A Bluehost plan also comes with a free first domain, which makes getting started easy.

Let’s go over some of the features that come with a Bluehost subscription.

Bluehost Features

  • Unlimited websites with Plus plan
  • Free first domain with subscription purchase
  • Free SSL
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Fantastic customer support

As I mentioned previously, BlueHost has incredible customer support. I appreciate BlueHost because all of my websites have SSL and with the plus plan I am able to create a ton of websites. I cannot recommend BlueHost enough.

If you want to give BlueHost a try, click the affiliate link below and check it out for yourself.

Now let’s go over how to get BlueHost step-by-step.

How To Get Bluehost

how to get a web host

Does BlueHost sound like a great web host for you? Let’s go over how to get BlueHost.

Here is how to get BlueHost:

  1. Go to the BlueHost website (click here)
  2. Click “Hosting” from the top toolbar
  3. Select “Get Started” on the hosting page
  4. Choose a web hosting subscription plan
  5. Register your free first domain
  6. Configure your website on the BlueHost toolbar
  7. Done!
Getting started with BlueHost is that easy!
It is important to know as much as possible about a product or service before investing in it. Check out this table of Bluehost Pros & Cons down below.

Bluehost Pros & Cons


  • Fast and reliable web servers
  • Complimentary first domain registration
  • Affordable pricing on most plans
  • Superb customer service and knowledgeable tech support
  • Includes SSL certificate


  • There are faster web hosts out there
  • A subscription is required
With their fast servers, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing, it is easy to recommend Bluehost as a web host provider. I personally use the choice plus plan. 

If you want an affordable and effective Web Host, I couldn’t recommend Bluehost enough. Get started by clicking the link below.

Now let’s quickly go over some BlueHost tips.

Bluehost Tips

  • Select the Bluehost plan that works best for you (Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, Pro)
  • Consider Choice Plus plan for Free SSL Certificate and Domain Privacy
  • Utilize the first free domain that comes with all plans
  • Consider Plus plan or greater if you plan to have multiple websites
  • Look for promotions and deals when securing your web host subscription
  • Use WordPress to design and create your website

Bluehost FAQ

Self-hosted blog

Why is self-hosting a blog important?

Self-hosting a blog is essential for maintaining fast PageSpeed, getting accepted into premium ad networks, and for autonomy for your blog in general. This is a must-do for any professional blogger, so make sure you are self-hosting your blog if it something more than a hobby site. As mentioned previously, I highly recommend BlueHost for all web hosting needs.

Why does PageSpeed matter for blogs?

PageSpeed is an important factor both for increasing the SEO of your website as well as improving the quality and experience of it. No one wants to wait several seconds for web page to load, especially these days. There are other websites that are going to load nearly instantly, so if your website is slow you will lose visitors. Google knows this too, and that is why slow websites often have poor SEO.

How does self-hosting increase PageSpeed on a blog?

Self-hosting is great for PageSpeed because web host providers that offer self-hosting often have fast and reliable servers. Additionally, self-hosting allows more freedom and flexibility with your website, which can give you more options for increasing the PageSpeed on a website. I highly recommend you read my guide on how to increase PageSpeed if you want to know everything there is to know about PageSpeed for blogs.

How does self-hosting increase SEO for a blog?

Self-hosting a blog can help with SEO in many ways. First and most importantly is that self-hosting is great for PageSpeed, which is quickly becoming one of the most important factors in SEO and ranking on Google. Additionally, self-hosted websites are typically considered more professional and higher quality, which can certainly help with increasing the SEO of a website. Stay tuned for my upcoming ultimate guide to blogging SEO for more SEO tips & tricks!

Why do you need to self-host a blog to join premium ad networks?

Premium ad networks offer focused and high-quality ad placements to their clientele. Most premium ad networks (if not all) require that a website is self-hosted to even allow entry to the program. Self-hosted websites are considered most professional, higher-quality, and overall more efficient and well-managed. So keep this in mind if you want to maximize the ad revenue of a website.

Can I Get Bluehost If I Already Have Another Web Host?

If you are already using a free web host provider and want to self-host your blog, just know that it is never to late. While I recommend starting off self-hosting a website right away if you intend on running a professional site, it is still always possible to reconfigure your website and switch web hosts. This process can vary from web host to web host, but it is certainly possible to do.

Bluehost Alternatives


Here are some alternative web hosting platforms that you might also be interested in.

Alternative Web Hosts:
As long as you choose a legitimate web host provider that allows self-hosting, you can’t really go wrong. So take some time to understand and know your options, and pick the one that seems best to your personal tastes.
However, I do strongly recommend BlueHost as my personal choice. So if you want to use what I use, go with BlueHost!

Other Blogging Resources

Themify Ultra Theme

If you’re looking into how to get Bluehost, you might appreciate some of these other valuable web tool that can enhance your website. Here is a one-stop-spot for all of the great tools that can take your website to the next level.

Blogging resources:

  • Bluehost – Recommended web host for self-hosting a blog
  • WordPress – Best free builder for websites and blogs
  • Themify Ultra – Fastest and most efficient WordPress Theme available
  • Canva – Great tool for creating post thumbnails and other web art
  • SEMrush – Perfect for keyword research and SEO management
Click on any of the tools and services above to be immediately taken to their official website. I highly recommend any of these products to any blogger, and I personally use each of them.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Bluehost! I hope this guide was helpful, and I wish you the best of success. Don’t forget to check my website for other valuable blogging tips!

Please feel free to reach out to me or comment down below if you have any questions or need any additional guidance. Also feel free to share your own thoughts on Bluehost as well! I always appreciate an opportunity to learn more. See you next time!