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About Me

Wayne Waldrop

What is all about?

Working your dream job is a blessing. I created to educate and inspire others who want to take a step outside of their comfort zone, and work towards their potential goal of working from the comfort of their own home. This could apply to anyone. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a college student looking for flexible work, or just someone who really enjoys the confinements of their home. My objective is to lend my brain and expertise to this matter, and give solid advice I know can help others create their own projects and their own jobs.

Who can benefit from reading my blog?

I seek readers who want to build something for themselves from the ground up. Something that doesn’t hold them to the constraints of the typical work day or work space. As previously mentioned, it doesn’t matter what your reasoning for striving to become financial independent is. I am here to help you achieve just that. Working from home and on your own time.

Why did you create this blog?

I created this blog because this topic is very important to me. I used to work over 13 hours a day back in college. I juggled two jobs, two internships, and a data-entry gig all while obtaining straight A’s in school. Unfortunately, while I had an unquenching ambition that allowed me to successfully conquer each of these tasks, in the end I was left feeling quite unfulfilled.

I felt like life was only getting harder and less rewarding the more I achieved. This led me to take a look at my life, and I motivated to work on my own projects and change it for the better. I wanted to work where ever I want, whenever I want. Every day I am thankful that I made this decision, as there is nothing more rewarding than working from home. Thank you for reading my about page, and I hope my blog can help you achieve everything you want and more.

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